EniQmA tools for hybrid quantum development

Hybrid quantum computing (combination of classical and quantum computing) has proven to be an exceedingly promising approach in the era of Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) computing. While this approach holds the potential to deliver groundbreaking solutions, software development still faces challenges. A lack of standard solutions and tools often complicates the entry into this new technology for businesses across various industries.

At EniQmA, our aim is to alleviate the complexity of hybrid quantum computing. To achieve this, we are developing a series of tools designed to simplify, standardize, and partially automate the DevOps process in hybrid quantum computing. These tools assist companies in unlocking the doors to the world of quantum computing and harnessing the potentials of this technology more easily.

Übersicht der EniQmA-Tools für hybride Quantenentwicklung in Abfolge einer Schleife mit den jeweils zugeordneten Prozessschritten

EniQmA tools

Quantum Advisor: A decision support tool that analyzes whether a problem is suitable for quantum computing and identifies which subproblems could benefit from quantum processing.

Modelling Support: An extension for MiniZinc that automatically converts optimization problems into QUBO form, enabling their execution on quantum computers.

Workflow Modeler: A graphical interface for deploying on the cloud that can also automatically recognize and adapt hybrid workflows to run efficiently on the hybrid cloud.

EniQmA Orchestrator: A graphical interface for creating the application's workflow, which can also automatically detect and reconfigure hybrid workflow fragments, allowing them to run efficiently on the hybrid cloud.

Testing Framework and Circuit Cutting: A comprehensive test framework that includes a debugger, Unity Testing Tool, and a backend decision tool. If a quantum circuit is too large for the available quantum computers, it automatically invokes the Circuit Cutting-Tool, which, through interfaces to popular Circuit Cutting Tools, breaks down the circuit and adjusts the workflow.

Quantum Provenance: A package for automatically logging important runtime KPIs to enhance transparency and traceability.

Benchmarking Suitcase: Standardized tests and algorithms for easily understandable comparison tests of various quantum computers and algorithms.

EniQmA IDE: Our integrated development environment (IDE) not only supports multiple quantum computing programming languages such as Qiskit and Qrisp but also integrates all other developed EniQmA tools.