Enabling hybrid quantum applications

In the context of quantum computing, industrially relevant applications almost always involve hybrid approaches that combine classical software with implementations of quantum circuits. However, the development of such applications is currently predominantly ad-hoc. The EniQmA project aims to establish a systematic engineering approach for creating these hybrid quantum-classical applications, using concrete industrial use cases as a foundation. This quantum software engineering approach encompasses methodological frameworks and procedural models for building hybrid applications, quality criteria for their implementation, the development and utilization of corresponding tools and runtime environments, as well as the operation of these applications.

Operations Lifecycle EniQmA
Benjamin Weder, Johanna Barzen, Frank Leymann, and Daniel Vietz: Quantum Software Development Lifecycle, published in Quantum Software Engineering, edited by M. Serrano, M. Piattini, and R. Perez-Castillo, 2022, Springer